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Services - Osteopathy


Osteopathy (osteo - bone, pathos - suffering) is a holistic manual treatment approach that seeks to restore and harmonise the structure and function of supporting tissues, internal organs, the nervous system and the fluids in human body. Its core is to provide an overall view of the patient and their health. In order to function properly, the human body must have a flawless musculoskeletal system.

That is the area which osteopathy focuses on. By using manual techniques, osteopathy eliminates detrimental blockages and muscle tension and improves the mobility of joints and tissues. Some techniques, such as the mobilisation or treatment of pain trigger points, resemble classical physiotherapy (massages, cupping, rehabilitation and curative exercises); other techniques, like manipulations, are closer to chiropractic.

When trying to re-establish homeostasis (balance), I use all the experience and knowledge from my professional practice, considering the client's individual needs and the severity of the health condition.