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Services - Manual lymphatic drainage

Manual lymphatic drainage

Lymph is a fluid that circulates in the lymphatic vessels, is collected throughout the body, filtered in lymph nodes and purified returns back to blood. Basically, lymph is responsible for cleaning the body of all the pollutants, i.e. through lymph our body gets rid of all toxins and germs.

However, this cleaning process may fail. Whether our liver no longer works as it should, or our lymph system is weakened, or our lymph nodes are overloaded, there is a problem. The organism is not purified fast enough, the toxins are starting to affect our organs, they are weighing them down, and cause problems like cellulitis, acne, fatigue, swelling of the limbs and so on. Lymphatic drainage is a process by which the weakened lymph system gets restored.

This massage includes special touches and exercises, each of which is performed intentionally with a specific purpose. Since lymph flows in different directions in different body parts, specific direction must be followed when massaging. The art of this massage requires a consistent theoretical and practical basis. Masseurs have to undergo long training and learn a lot about the biological processes in order to understand the overall complex relationship: massage versus lymph. This makes manual lymph drainage a special one among other massage approaches, which also increases the price. But it is really not worth saving here.

Manual lymphatic drainage

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